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Locum Tenens Cost

The single largest line item for a Healthcare Facility is its payroll, accounting for over half of its expenses. When factoring in the cost of Locums to fill coverage gaps, it's safe to say hiring a Locum Provider is more expensive than directly employing one, that is until Staff Worx.

We're drastically lowering the margins Locum agencies typically run on and introducing complete price transparency and flat rates into the Locums Industry.

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No More Hidden Locum Costs

Staff Worx's price transparency sets us apart as industry leaders in healthcare staffing. We openly share our Locum Tenens recruitment pricing, ensuring unparalleled transparency for our clients and providers.

With significantly lower margins due to our Flat Rate Structure, we confidently reveal the cost and savings to our partners and encourage them to compare with their current vendors. By providing this price transparency, we dispel the perception that 3rd party Locum agencies are costly, offering an affordable, long-term, and cost-effective solution.

Our transparent flat rate approach not only benefits our clients but also enables us to pay our providers a higher rate than other Locum agencies are willing to. By sharing our margin with both clients and providers, we create a win-win scenario where a provider can earn more, and our clients can pay less. This allows us to establish trust and quickly build strong relationships based on transparency and accountability with both providers and clients.

Trust is essential, and transparency is the key. Our transparent fee structure has earned us the reputation of a trustworthy healthcare staffing company that prioritizes fair pricing. This approach has led to high retention rates among our Locum Tenens providers and organic growth through client and provider referrals.

Experience the difference with a recruitment company that values price transparency, accountability, and trusted partnerships. Choose Staff Worx for quality services and transparent pricing in the Locum Tenens industry!

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