Why Clients Prefer Staff Worx.

We understand the importance of making the right hiring decisions for your facility, and we have the experience necessary to match you with your ideal candidate.

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Lower Bill Rates

With more efficient processes combined with our transparent flat-rate pricing we are able to have the lowest bill rates in the industry.

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Our pool contains over 1 million sub-specialty providers. Our preemptive approach allows us to find the ones who are truly interested in Locums.

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Malpractice Coverage

All providers will be covered by Staff Worx's Malpractice policy to show you that we share an interest in finding solid providers.

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Upon a confirmed assignment we will work with both state licensing boards and the provider to ensure all licenses are acquired in a timely manner.

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Travel and Housing

Staff Worx will handle all travel and lodging for the provider and will never up-charge for those services.

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Designated Rep.

From day one your facility will have a dedicated Client rep whose sole job is to assist you with anything Locums.


Looking for a Qualified Healthcare Provider?

Staff Worx is here to help. We understand the importance of making the right hiring decisions for your facility, and we have the experience and dedication necessary to locate the ideal candidate for your needs.

We work with qualified healthcare professionals in a variety of specialties, and we are well-versed in credentialing and licensing protocols. We will work with you to accommodate your hiring goals and preferences, and we are committed to matching you with a candidate that is not only in line with your budget and timeline, but with your organization's philosophy, staff, patients, and community.

To learn more about how Staff Worx can assist you with your staffing needs, please give us a call, start a chat with us, or send us a message through our contact page.

Additional benefits

Benefits Unique to Staff Worx.

We work with healthcare facilities of all sizes, from small rural hospitals to large academic medical centers. These are the points of why facilities choose us!

Complete transparency
Lowest bill rates in the industry
We become an extension of your Provider Recruiter team
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